Financing Education

LPU DE students actively participate in the mega event One World organised every year by the university. They showcase their special talents and skills and win accolades for the same. Students’ Induction - a differentiating feature of LPU Distance Education enables newly enrolled student to get acquainted with all systems and procedures related to their programme of study when they visit the university campus for admission.

The association argued that the payments were a threat to amateurism and that barring them did not violate the antitrust laws. The most likely and reasonable scenario entails allowing college athletes to benefit financially from endorsement deals, as California has proposed. One of the primary arguments against paying student-athletes rests on the assumption that they already receive full college scholarships. But as we've discussed, this is seldom the case — most athletes only receive partial scholarships. Participating in intercollegiate athletics constitutes a full-time job.

In many ways, they are roles models for their fellow students and sports fans who can engage in mutually beneficial activities on-campus and in their communities. Student-athletes who are active in this arena raise awareness for important issues and experience personal growth, develop leadership and social skills and learn about the importance of civic engagement. The section below highlights some of the ways that student-athletes can get involved. TheNAIAhas a membership of 250 schools serving 65,000 student-athletes and focuses on smaller institutions, including faith-based and private schools, with more limited financial resources.


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