Expectations: Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Expect Bad Things To Happen?

 If somebody somehow managed to make a stride back from their life and to think about their assumptions, what they may discover is a ton of these are "negative". The assumptions that they do have that are "positive" are then going to be eclipsed by those that are "negative". 

After this, they could find that their life has been this route for seemingly forever. What could likewise ring a bell is that, all in all, a great deal of "negative" things do occur. 

A Natural Consequence 

Therefore, one can imagine how the solitary explanation they anticipate "negative" things to happen is that this is the thing that generally happens. Their assumptions are then optional and what they experience is essential. 

This would be coming from the view that one is just an onlooker of their world. Through being like this, they can imagine how their life is how it is because of them being "unfortunate". 

The deception of Separation 

In any case, despite the fact that their sense of self psyche, alongside their eyes, will make the feeling that they are simply seeing what is happening 'out there', this isn't reality. At last, one is both the onlooker and the co-maker of their existence. 

This implies that their "negative" assumptions are affecting their existence. In this manner, when they begin to change their assumptions, they will actually want to co-make an alternate reality.


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