Critical Thinking: Is There A Lot Of Toxic Shame Held In The Collective Unconscious?

 It has been said that out of the entirety of the feelings that somebody can insight, disgrace is the hardest one to deal with. The justification this is that when somebody encounters disgrace, they can feel terrible and useless. 

It doesn't end there, however, as their internal world can fall and they can want to conceal their face or to detach themselves. Subsequently, it tends to be typical for somebody to protect themselves against this inclination or, to be more exact, this inward experience. 

One Option 

At the point when they experience disgrace or before they even get the opportunity to do as such, they can wind up being devoured by rage. Rather than feeling emptied and sincerely imploding, they will wind up feeling siphoned up and stimulated. 

As this reaction will prevent them from tumbling down, it will keep them from feeling truly downright terrible themselves. The disadvantage to this, obviously, is that it can make them act in a manner that is dangerous. 

Another Option 

Then again, one could be in a position where they are by and large withdrawn from their disgrace. On account of the guards that they have set up and how they hold themselves (body armouring), they will only sometimes encounter this inclination. 

Being this way will prevent them from feeling awful and useless and that can be viewed as something worth being thankful for. The disadvantage to this is that it will most likely be typical for them to act in manners that are improper. 

A Big Difference 

What should be clarified here is that there are two sorts of disgrace: the main kind is ordinary or sound disgrace and the subsequent kind is the thing that is frequently portrayed as undesirable or "harmful" disgrace. The previous is the thing that will permit somebody to work in the public eye, though the last will resemble corrosive that annihilates their mental self portrait and causes it unimaginable for them to have a positive outlook on themselves. 

Somebody can encounter ordinary disgrace, gain from what has occurred and afterward fix it without such a large number of issues being made. Poisonous disgrace, then again, can wind up being to an extreme degree a lot for somebody to deal with and this is the reason they can wind up being overwhelmed by fierceness or wind up putting some distance between their disgrace out and out and building up a swelled bogus self all the while.


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